"Although attending the 'Perfecting Your Pitch - Keys to Winning Privacy & Data Breach Clients' workshop takes almost an entire day, it is well worth the time. It was a great workshop!"

Michael G. Morgan
Of Counsel
Jones Day

"Bloomberg Law invited me to attend their workshop titled 'Perfecting Your Pitch - Keys to Winning Privacy & Data Breach Clients' held in LA, December 2015. I attended to learn more about the pitch and client development process, and left the workshop with a myriad of useful information, techniques, and tools to use in the future and made several new contacts. I highly recommend this workshop to any lawyer!"

Mark Mermelstein
Partner, Co-Chair, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Group,

"'Perfect Your Pitch for Winning Privacy & Data Breach Clients' - I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough!"

Elaine F. Harwell
Of Counsel
Selman Breitman LLP

"My colleague who attended the 'Perfect Your Privacy Pitch' program in Chicago said it was awesome!"

James Giszczak
McDonald Hopkins

"I attended the Bloomberg program 'Perfecting Your Pitchª - Keys to Winning Privacy & Data Breach Clients' held in Chicago which was led and facilitated by Julie Savarino. At the end of the program, on the evaluation, I rated the program "excellent" and "very useful"."

John Kloecker
Of Counsel
Locke Lord

"The 'Perfect Your AFA Pitch for Employment Litigation and Wage and Hour Cases' workshop I attended was a whole day and the registration fee was high, so I was hoping it was it was a good investment and use of time and it was! It is a great workshop."

Ron Wisniewski
Swanson, Martin & Bell LLP

'Perfect Your Pitch for AFA Pitch for Employment Litigation & Wage and Hour Cases' is one of the best continuing legal education programs I have attended in my 25 years of practice. The opportunity to receive direct feedback from actual general counsel on my pitch was invaluable. Plus, I gained numerous tips on ways to enhance the pitch process."

David Hagopian
Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger LLP

"The 'Perfect Your Pitch for AFA Pitch for Employment Litigation & Wage and Hour Cases' workshop is outstanding! Participating is well worth the time."

Trish Higgins
Of Counsel

"I strongly recommend the 'Perfect Your AFA Pitch for Employment Litigation & Wage and Hour Cases' workshop. The amount of practical and useful takeaways I gained from participating made it an excellent use of time."

Marie Burke Kenny
Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP

"I can recommend the 'Perfect Your AFA Pitch for Employment Litigation and Wage and Hour Cases' workshop. My focus was how to better communicate my firm's value proposition, and I left with a number of concrete tools and ideas to achieve that goal. I also gained useful insights from in-house counsel who participated. Attending was a day well spent."

Kathleen Anderson
Barnes & Thornburg, LLP

"As a litigator with 25 years' experience pitching cases, I was skeptical about attending the Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch workshop. I am very glad I did. Julie Savarino reinforced certain strategies and helped me develop others. I wish I had taken this class 25 years ago! Hearing specifically what in-house want and prefer when being ‘pitched' was incredibly helpful and provided me with many useful tools and techniques. The chance to make actual pitches to corporate counsel and get their feedback was invaluable. I strongly recommend this workshop!"

Jay R. Campbell
Tucker Ellis LLP
Cleveland, OH

"Two of our firm's Partners attended the workshop Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch held December 5, 2014 in New York City. They both said participating in the program was a great use of their time and they gave it glowing reviews. They were especially appreciative of meeting the two, in-house patent counsel whose feedback and suggestions were invaluable."

Michael D. Loughnane
Managing Partner
Kenyon & Kenyon LLP
New York, New York

"I attended the workshop Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch and found it to be an excellent program, full of useful and valuable information, tools, insights and suggestions. I highly recommend this workshop for any lawyer interested in ensuring their pitch and pitch process is as strong and competitive as it can be."

Samantha C. Kernahan
McLennan Ross LLP
Edmonton, AB

"Thank you for working with us to produce and deliver such an excellent Master Class for the 2014 ALPMA Annual Legal Management Summit held in Melbourne titled 'Mastering the Client Development (a.k.a. Sales) Process for Lawyers and Law Firms'. The feedback and response from delegates has been fantastic! The members and staff of ALPMA congratulate and thank you."

Andrew Barnes
Financial Controller, Sladen Legal - Melbourne, Australia
President, Australasian Legal Practice Management Association

"I thoroughly enjoyed your sessions at the ALPMA Annual Summit. Yesterday's Master Class session on 'Mastering the Client Development/Sales Process for Lawyers and Law Firms' and today's session on 'Making the Most from LinkedIn for Lawyers'"

Rod Berry
Managing Partner
Atkinson Vinden

"For our firm's recent All Attorney Retreat, Julie Savarino summarized much of the content from her nationally renowned training and coaching program entitled "Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Lawyers" and delivered it in a few hours to a very skeptical audience. She involved actual clients in the presentation. The entire program was excellent and received very positive feedback and results."

John S. Sandberg
Partner & Founding Member
Sandberg Phoenix & von Gontard, St. Louis

"Our staff member who attended the 'Mastering the "Sales" Coaching Process for Law Firm Marketers & Business Developers' program came back raving about it! It provided a solid road map for what the 'best and the brightest' law firm marketers and business developers do to get measurable results for their law firms. I think this program should be mandatory for any law firm business developer interested in helping generate the most new work for his law firm."

Amanda Walsh
Director of Marketing
Bowman and Brooke LLP

"Our firm worked with Julie Savarino about 12 years ago, but recently we asked her to prepare and present a "Best Practices in Business Development for Lawyers' type program for the Annual Business Meeting of our firm's Partners. The presentation was outstanding and received very favorable response. We recommend her programs highly".

Gwen Bey
Chief Administrative Officer
Kenyon & Kenyon, New York

"The "Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Law Firm Marketers" is an excellent program and far exceeded my expectations! It is well-organized, intensive and comprehensive in framing a strategic context for the 'sales process' in law firms as well as delivering practical, concrete advice for implementing that process. For anyone interested in ways to help and coach lawyers to sell more effectively, this program is a must".

Timothy E. Parks
Director, Marketing & Business Development
Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

"While I have never hired Julie Savarino in her professional capacity, in 2009, she was quick to step up and volunteer to help me and my family on a pro bono basis. Since 2009, it is impossible for me to understate the level and amount of work, effort and commitment she and her team puts forth on our behalf. Julie possesses and consistently demonstrates a great deal of intelligence, integrity, loyalty, dedication and professionalism. She leaves no stone unturned to help. I cannot recommend her highly enough".

Albert Snyder
Gold Star Father
York, Pennsylvania

"Our firm's business development staff members who attended the "Mastering the 'Sales' Process for Law Firm Marketers" program raved about it! They came away with multitudes of tools, techniques and tips they are now using in their roles as business development coaches for our firm's lawyers and practice groups".

Allen Chichester
Chief Marketing Officer
Barnes & Thornburg LLP

"In 2009, our firm went through a rigorous pre-selection review process before we retained Julie Savarino to work with a group of our firm's new Partners on a tailored business development training and coaching program. Since 2009, she has worked with several groups of our firm's Partners and we continue to be very pleased with the program and results and recommend her highly".

Elizabeth A. Price
Professional Personnel Partner
Alston & Bird LLP

"As a veteran professional services marketer, I found this program on mastering the sales coaching process to be comprehensive and practical. The presenter's high-energy style kept me engaged throughout the day, and I came away with new ideas that I've already put into action at my firm. I highly recommend this program to law firm marketers and business developers looking to upgrade or enhance their contributions to the firm's bottom line."

Tammy Mangan
Director of Marketing
Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox

"We are very pleased with Julie's work for our firm and the results. She presented an excellent workshop for all of our attorneys in late 2008 and we had nearly 100% participation (no small feat) and outstanding feedback. She has since met with several of them one on one in a coaching role and has helped them solidify more focused, targeted and methodical business development programs for their practice. The feedback, buy-in, continuing momentum and results from participants is something this firm has never experienced before and is thrilled with".

James W. Millon
Former Marketing Partner
Eastman & Smith
Toledo, Ohio

"Based on my 24 plus years of in-house counsel experience at Dow, and participation in several of Julie's programs around the country, her program should be mandatory training for outside lawyers on how to enhance, solidify and develop relationships with in-house counsel and other buyers of legal services".

Peter M. Jennings
Former Assistant General Counsel - Hydrocarbons & Energy/Basic Plastics
The Dow Chemical Company
To read Peter's letter of recommendation, click here.

"I have served as Marketing Director for several law firms over my twenty years in the field of law firm marketing. The assistance and services Julie Savarino provides to my team and our firm is superb. Through her incredible experience, knowledge, can-do approach, attitude and professionalism, she is able to effectively guide lawyers towards strategic, focused marketing and client development efforts. She works as an integral part of our team to help get things done and increase the return on time and money investments. For any law firm Marketing Director wanting to take their program to the next level, I highly recommend Julie Savarino as a trainer, coach and strategic advisor".

Mary C. Hendrix
Former Director of Marketing
Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC
Louisville, Kentucky

"Unfortunately, I have seen a lot of "pretenders" in the marketplace - those who claim to be business-development experts for lawyers. But, Julie Savarino is the real deal. Her programs, knowledge, experience, contributions and abilities are terrific. I'd recommend her to anyone (except another firm within 50 miles of us)!"

Paul V. Nunes
Underberg & Kessler
Rochester, New York

"Julie Savarino's program is fantastic! I have practiced law for over 35 years and am a true skeptic regarding these types of programs. But this one exceeded all my expectations. It was very well done, immediately useful, extremely practical and got right down into details and how-to's. This program also caused me to reflect on how much billable time I had wasted over the years that I could have avoided by having had this training years earlier. It is a day worth spending for any lawyer."

David C. Hannan
Member and Chair, Business Development Committee
Johnstone Adams
Mobile, Alabama

"It was incredible. I was very skeptical going in. But the program was incredibly professionally done. All the time was efficiently used and it was almost immediate that I felt like there was a new perspective, new information, and a new way of looking at things I have done but never really understood how it worked.

I gained a new appreciation of the things I have been doing and why the things I have been doing are the right choices for me and why it worked for me and when those things worked for me. I never understood the science of how they all fit together and then through the program, in retrospect, I got a better assessment of why certain things worked and didn't. I have seen real results in terms of opportunities. I've seen partners turning long-standing social contacts into real work. And that’s the best result you can get, I think."

Veronica A. Marsich
Former Shareholder
Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
Ann Arbor, Michigan

"Our firm has used numerous consultants over the years, some of the best names in the business. So going into the hiring of a new consultant, I was pretty skeptical. After the program ended, I was pleased to report thousands of dollars coming in the door to our firm's Board of Directors. They are very impressed with the results.

Julie has also been significant in my professional development. She has helped me to increase my standing in the firm overall. She has been someone I can lean on and guide me through this business development function of the firm that we are hoping to grow."

Lisa C. Young
Former Client Services & Marketing Director
Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge
Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I have been through two of Julie Savarino's training and coaching programs. Both are excellent! First, in 2007 our firm commissioned Julie's marquee program in-house which produced outstanding results. The time and effort she takes to tailor an effective personalized program for each participant is exceptional. She has great experience and insights on ways to approach multitudes of various client development situations. The 'Mastering Sales' program she offers is also great because of the real client's participation and perspective which results in many valuable take-aways. I highly recommend both of these programs to law firms".

Salvatore Anastasi, Partner
Barley Snyder LLC
Berwyn, PA

"I found Julie Savarino's program extremely useful and informative and immediately helpful to my business development plan. The program's practical foundation and approach will help me use my limited, available business development time and efforts most productively. Applying what was covered to real client development situations is an invaluable feature of this program. I highly recommend it to any lawyer interested in becoming the best business developer they can be."

Carlton Johnson, Partner
Archer & Greiner
Philadelphia, PA

"As a seasoned litigator and a member of our firm's management team, I attended Julie Savarino's program reluctantly and with considerable skepticism. By the first break, attendees were looking at each other in amazement at the amount of useful, topical, practical and applicable information gained. I walked away with many strategies and tactics that I was able to put to immediate and successful use. I highly recommend this program to any practitioner interested in becoming a better business developer."

John Nadolenco, Partner
Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw
Los Angeles

"Julie Savarino of Business Development Inc. designs, organizes and implements outstanding programs for outside lawyers on how to solidify and develop relationships with in-house counsel and other buyers of legal services. She teaches highly professional, ethical, tasteful, considerate and effective ways for outside lawyers to structure their business development program and direct communications with clients."

Frank Politano, Partner
KL Gates, New Jersey
Former, Chief Trademark & Copyright Counsel,
AT&T Corp., New Jersey
To read Franks's letter of recommendation, click here.

"Having participated in two different, intense training programs on 'Client Development', there is no question that Julie Savarino's program is far superior. The training was excellent but what really made the difference in results was the knowledgeable, methodical and regular coaching over time. The time and effort Julie made to understand my practice, identify and overcome hurdles made all the difference in my ability to get great results from the program. The other training program without any individualizedcoaching over time was much less effective. I highly recommend Julie Savarino's training and coaching program for law firm partners."

R. Jay Fortin, Former Partner
Curtis Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle LLP
New York

"As a seasoned litigation attorney with a national practice, I used to be skeptical about marketing training and how my practice could benefit from these programs. However, since participating in Julie Savarino's 'Client Development & Relationship Management' training program over three years ago, I have implemented many of the strategies and my practice continues to be increasingly profitable."

Edward Novak, Former Partner
Quarles Brady Streich Lang, Phoenix
To read Ed's email, click here.

"I participated in Julie Savarino's truly impressive program as an in-house counsel instructor. She does a masterful job of providing practical content that improves the abilities of each attendee. Everyone who participated, including the speakers, found the day-long program to be productive and immediately useful, providing specific, concrete, and ethical methods. I highly recommend Julie's training and coaching programs to both outside counsel and in-house counsel who want to build a book of business or client relationships".

Laura Kaster
Former Chief Litigation Counsel
AT&T Corp.
New Jersey

"Business Development Inc.'s training program was very useful, valuable and well done. It was a good use of my time and since attending my practice has benefited from the information gained from participating."

Joseph D. Glatt
Former Senior Associate
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
New York

"Business Development Inc.'s training programs for lawyers are excellent. I recommend them highly."

Ralph Baxter
Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe
San Francisco

"Our firm is world-renowned as first-rate. Even so, we are constantly improving and the business development program you conducted for our firm was excellent."

Glenn West
Managing Partner - Dallas Office
Weil Gotshal & Manges
New York

"Julie Savarino has amazing energy, enthusiasm, and practical insights from her own experience, which makes her 'Mastering the Sales Process' an effective and useful seminar for lawyers looking for that competitive edge in seeking/attracting/pitching potential clients. The best part is the participation of actual in-house counsel who provided seminar participants genuine, sincere and valuable feedback on what to do, and what not to do in seeking new business clients and in building successful, long-term client relationships. To those attorneys who are interested in mastering the art of business development, I definitely recommend Julie Savarino's program."

Stephanie Sparks
Hoge Fenton Jones & Appel, Inc.
San Jose, California

"Our firm has a reputation of being an intellectual property powerhouse with world-class clients and lawyers. After the firm's partners participate in Julie Savarino's business development workshops, the incremental changes make a significant impact on making our practice even stronger, especially with existing clients and relationships."

Gwen Bey
Director of Administration
Kenyon & Kenyon, New York
To read Gwens's letter of recommendation, click here.

"To provide effective workshops for all of our firm's diverse practice areas, an intense amount of customization and tailoring was necessary. Julie Savarino made the effort to adapt each program to fit each group's varied needs and unique leadership which produced outstanding results."

John Sapp
Former Managing Partner
Michael Best & Friedrich

"Even some of our firm's most important rainmakers thought your program was valuable and provided insights."

Clive Cummis
Founding Member and Former Chairman
Sills Cummis Zuckerman Radin Tischman Epstein & Gross

"I have worked with Julie Savarino of Business Development Inc. at my former firms Kenyon & Kenyon and Lyon & Lyon and had great success. Both Julie and her program were well received by the attorneys. The attorneys actually applied what they learned and we have been able to measure the results in new matters and clients. I highly recommend her program."

Coral-Mary Southam
Former Marketing Director
Kenyon & Kenyon, Lyon & Lyon
Los Angeles

"Business Development Inc.'s training programs were instrumental in making better rainmakers from many of our mistmakers. All of the many programs we used from Business Development Inc. paid for themselves many times over!"

Mary Lynne Price
Former Director of Business Development
Pillsbury Winthrop, LLP
New York

Questions? Please contact Julie Savarino by email Julie@BusDevInc.com, or by phone (734) 668-7008.

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