Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch
to Win New Business for Lawyers©

Held All Day - Friday, December 5, 2014  

Thomson Reuters Office - 3 Times Square, 22nd Floor, New York City  

Master Instructor and Facilitator -

Julie Savarino, Attorney & Managing Director, Business Development Inc.

In-House Intellectual Property Counsel Speakers -

Nelson DaCunha, Assistant Intellectual Property Counsel, Pratt & Whitney
Steven P. Klocinski, Senior Managing Counsel and Senior IP Counsel, MasterCard Worldwide

Consider commissioning a customized "Perfect Your Pitch" program for growing and interested practice groups and/or lawyers in your firm such as: "Perfect Your Data Security & Privacy Pitch", "Perfect Your National Coordinating Counsel Pitch", "Perfect Your Water Rights Pitch", "Perfect Your Wage and Hour Pitch" or "Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch." For more information, contact Julie Savarino,

This all-day intensive workshop is based on prior, very highly rated programs. If you are a patent litigation lawyer interested in refreshing, renewing and/or upgrading your pitching skills, this is a must-attend workshop! This workshop is designed to help outside lawyers* upgrade and improve the way they approach and "pitch" in-house counsel/companies for new patent litigation work in the most appropriate and professional manner possible.

In the morning, attendees learn the proven science of the business and client development process from the master instructor Julie Savarino and the two, guest in-house patent counsel. Additional content includes: master-level steps in the patent litigation pitching process; what works best and what doesn't and a myriad of other practical information, tools and techniques. In the afternoon, participants create and present ficticious, practice pitches to the in-house counsel speakers, combining what they already know and do with what they may have picked up or learned that morning. The in-house counsel speakers analyze and evaluate the pitches and provide attendees with valuable feedback right then and there. This workshop is a unique way to get direct and frank client feedback after a pitch (equivalent to being in the jury room during deliberations)! Past attendees applaud the practical and extremely useful nature of what was gained from attending and participating.

Register yourself or another lawyer in your firm to:
  1. Benchmark your patent litigation pitch process, approach and techniques.
  2. Gain the proven science, statistics and best practices on the science and art of getting on 'short lists' and pitching and winning new patent litigation work.
  3. Meet two leading in-house patent counsel.
  4. Have the unique opportunity to gain specific feedback and suggestions from in-house patent counsel.
  5. Learn proven tools, tips and other information that will help ensure your patent litigation pitch remains competitive and compelling.

* Due to the practical, real-life application format of this workshop, only practicing attorneys are eligible to attend, and attendance is limited to the first 12 lawyers who register. There are no discounts for more than one attendee from the same firm. Registrations are transferable within the same firm but are nonrefundable and exclude all travel and accommodation expenses. The registration fee includes breakfast, two beverage/snack breaks, lunch, an optional post-program reception on December 5, 2014, and individual use rights for all workshop materials.

Here is what past attendees say about the
Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch© Workshop
held December 5, 2014 in New York City:

"As a litigator with 25 years' experience pitching cases, I was skeptical about attending the Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch workshop. I am very glad I did. Julie Savarino reinforced certain strategies and helped me develop others. I wish I had taken this class 25 years ago! Hearing specifically what in-house want and prefer when being ‘pitched' was incredibly helpful and provided me with many useful tools and techniques. The chance to make actual pitches to corporate counsel and get their feedback was invaluable. I strongly recommend this workshop!"

Jay R. Campbell
Tucker Ellis LLP
Cleveland, OH

"Two of our firm's Partners attended the workshop Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch held December 5, 2014 in New York City. They both said participating in the program was a great use of their time and they gave it glowing reviews. They were especially appreciative of meeting the two, in-house patent counsel whose feedback and suggestions were invaluable."

Michael D. Loughnane
Managing Partner
Kenyon & Kenyon LLP
New York, New York

"I attended the workshop Perfect Your Patent Litigation Pitch and found it to be an excellent program, full of useful and valuable information, tools, insights and suggestions. I highly recommend this workshop for any lawyer interested in ensuring their pitch and pitch process is as strong and competitive as it can be."

Samantha C. Kernahan
McLennan Ross LLP
Edmonton, AB

Questions? Please contact Julie Savarino by email, or by phone (734) 668-7008.

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