Buy the Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and/or Templates, Forms & Drafts now! The vast majority of written communications, memos, proposals, follow-up messages and steps needed to develop new clients have already been created and done many times over! Why re-invent the wheel? The Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and Templates, Forms & Drafts are a compilation of hundreds of lawyers and law firms communications with clients (with all confidential information redacted) assembled over 20 years. Use them to streamline your efforts and get new business in the door faster, more effectively and efficiently!

Use these checklists to build or refine your business development program, and/or to benchmark, review, assess, and update your current program or its' component parts. View a sample page by clicking here. Each checklist is available for individual purchase for $599.00 USD or the whole set is $1,950.00 USD. If you are interested in making a purchase, please call Julie Savarino (734) 668-7008 with your order and credit card information, or email

Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists Available for Purchase Now:

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Branding & Positioning
Budgets - Individual Attorneys' Travel & Entertainment Budgets
Client Service & Satisfaction
Client Teams
Community Involvement (including community events and pro bono)
Individual Lawyers - Best Money Making Ideas
Individual Marketing/Business Plans
Marketing/Business Development Departments & Staff
Measuring Results
Newsletters & Alerts
Referrals (including establishing a system for success; creating a network and what to do with your network)
RFPs-Pitches-Proposals-Beauty Contests-Tender Process (including: getting on the short list; written RFPs; oral presentations a.k.a. beauty contests; follow-up and RFP systems)
Selling, Sales and Client Development Techniques (including: identifying and creating opportunities to get more work; maximizing results from face-to-face meetings; follow-up; service improvements; developing referral sources; networking; targeting potential clients and referral sources)
Target Marketing (including planning; systems to support & measure efforts; marketing tools; sales/client development tools)
Training & Professional Development Programs

Download these templates, forms and drafts to use in all your business development communications. Why re-invent the wheel? These documents contain proven openings, closings and follow-up communications. View a sample page by clicking here. Each set is available for individual purchase for $999.00 USD or the all sets combined are available for $4,499.00 USD. If you are interested in making a purchase, please call Julie Savarino with your order and credit card information, or email

Rainmaker Templates, Forms & Drafts Available for Purchase Now:

Client Development-Sales-Selling-Business Development - contains over 50 drafts, checklists, templates, samples and forms covering the entire spectrum of sales situations.

Client Service - contains over 30 checklists, templates and forms to maintain, enhance and develop client relationships through effective service.

Client Teams and Key Clients - contains 40 pages of charts, forms, templates and checklists to set up, manage and enhance client teams and service to key clients.

Marketing and Business Development Departments & Staff - contains dozens of department surveys, reviews, assessments that can be used to take your firm's department and staff performance to the next level.

Plans - contains 15 forms, templates and checklists for individual business development and marketing planning.

Proposals-Pitch Letters-RFPs-Beauty Contests-Tendering - contains over 30 pages of checklists drafts, templates, samples and examples from soup-to-nuts on winning new business using proposals.

Referrals - contains dozens of drafts, forms, templates and checklists to build, manage and develop referral sources and systems.

Each set and item above are available for purchase from this website for one-person use only. A one-person use license is included on the invoice and, once paid is binding. If you would like to purchase any of these materials for more than a one-person use such as for a firm, office, a group or team, training purposes, to post on an intranet or other duplication, please contact: Julie Savarino, telephone (734) 668-7008, e-mail

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