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1. Relationships Build Business
2. When A Big Discount May Be A Mistake
3. Generating Profitable Work in Today's Tough Economy
4. Profitable Law Firm Growth in a Down Economy
5. What Separates Rainmakers from the Rest
6. The Marketing and Business Development Process - Defined
7. Client Service is Key to Business Development
8. Personal Contacts Generate Business
9. Survey: Lawyers May Be Out of Touch with Clients
10. How To Generate New Business

1. Maximizing Your Firm's Investment in Business Development Training & Coaching Programs
2. Successful BusDev Training, Coaching and Sales Programs
3. How to Get the Most Out of Biz Dev Classes
4. Cautions for Lawyers and Law Firms in Rocky Economic Times
5. Three Hot Trends in Business Development
6. Law Firms Upgrade Business Development
7. Motivating Lawyers to Develop Business
8. Lawyers Benefit from Marketing/Sales/Business Development Training
9. Successful In-House Training and "Sales" Programs
10. More Clients Ask Firms to Bid for Work
11. Use of Proposals to Generate Business
12. Detroit Law School to Offer Marketing Course in Law School

1. People Are the Key to Successful Marketing & Business Development
2. Is Your Law Firm's Marketing Working?
3. Getting & Keeping Clients - Is Your Law Firm's Business Development Program Working?
4. Taking Marketing to the Next Level
5. Improving Productivity: Insourcing vs. Outsourcing
6. What Can Law Firms Learn from Others About Marketing?
7. Reconsidering Law Firm Professional Business Developers

1. Increase Law Firm Revenue and Profit in 2015
2. What Works to Develop Business for Law Firms in the New Normal?
3. Successful Lateral Integration for Law Firms
4. Evolving Law Firm Business Model - Changes in Market-Driven Strategies to Increase Revenue
5. Compensation Schemes That Reward Business Development
6. Improving Profitability
7. Will Your Law Firm Improve Profits?
8. How to Plan for the Maturing Market
9. Capitalizing Law Firms

1. Surveys: Using the Client's Perspective to Develop Business
2. Creating "Value-Added" Services
3. Cross-Selling & Fulfilling Your Clients' Needs - How to Overcome Resistance
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