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Lawyers and law firm marketers are increasingly mobile and short on time. Whether working from home, at other offices, on the road, in meetings, attending conferences or events, they are on the go and need immediate access to information/tools that can help make the most of time spent trying to develop new business.

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Rainmaker Coach™ App was a finalist for a 2013 'Your Honor' Award by the Legal Marketing Association's Midwest Chapter.

Rainmaker Coach™ provides an instantaneously accessible source of immediately useful information, including "Top 10" tips and tools to help make the most from common business and client development situations. This App can help improve business/client development planning, implementation, scheduling, follow-up and reporting and help create an increased stream of new business.

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The current version 1 of the Rainmaker Coach™ includes three checklists "Top 10" tips of what to do when: attending a meeting, lunch or dinner; presenting at a conference or seminar; and attending a conference, seminar or event. New checklists will be added every 6-8 weeks. This App also provides the ability to take notes by typing or dictating: things to remember to do, lists of whom you met/spoke to, conversational details and/or follow-up reminders. You can then email these notes to yourself and/or others.

Future versions are in process, including launching on Google PlayStore® for Droid® devices in 2013 and ties to InterAction®.

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What exactly is the Rainmaker Coach app? What does it do?

How to use the Rainmaker Coach app to prepare for a pitch meeting

How to use the Rainmaker Coach app for follow-up when attending a conference/seminar or event

How to take and send notes to yourself and/or others using the Rainmaker Coach app

Upcoming new checklists to be added to the Rainmaker Coach app every 6-8 weeks

Rainmaker Coach is a highly recommended app

"It's about time someone created an app designed to help lawyers develop business! This Rainmaker Coach™ will help lawyers in all types of firms make the most of their time and efforts to develop new work."

Sean Summers
Partner, Summers Nagy Law Offices

"As a former law firm partner with practice group and client development responsibilities, I think this Rainmaker Coach™ app is extremely handy and useful. As is common for many busy lawyers, I would rush to business development meetings without having adequate time to prepare. This app allows me to take two minutes to prepare right on my iPad® and to take and send myself notes to insure that I follow-up. I recommend the Rainmaker Coach™ highly for all lawyers who are short on time and need to develop business and client relationships."

Veronica Marsich
Current General Counsel, Metro Health and Former Partner, Smith Haughey Rice & Roegge

"This app is great because it gives me another tool in my "tool box" to help lawyers maximize the results from their new business development efforts. It also gives me a place to go to get refreshers as needed and I can take and send notes/reminders to myself and members of my team as appropriate".

Mary Hendrix
Director of Business Development and Marketing, Jackson Kelly PLLC

For more information about the Rainmaker Coach™, please contact Julie Savarino by email at or telephone (734) 668-7008.

For App support, please email or call (734) 668-2099.

Questions? Please contact Julie Savarino by email, or by phone (734) 668-7008.

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