BD Workforce provides project and/or retainer-based outsourced services based on our trusted and highly recommended track record of experience. Are you:

  • Considering whether it is more cost-effective to outsource/buy outside or build/hire internally?
  • Wanting to reduce or control your salary spend/budget?
  • Having difficulties finding, training, and/or retaining qualified, in-house law firm business development support staff?
  • Needing business/client development director, manager and/or coordinator work done in an experienced, high-quality, and cost-effective manner?
  • Wanting to increase the ROI from your business development spend?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, BD Workforce can help. We have the work ethic, knowledge, experience, relationships, and track record to effectively and efficiently help you, your firm and/or your Marketing/Business Development Department with the following projects, roles or tasks, work which we conduct and deliver on-site and remotely as needed and desired.


BD Workforce can assist with:

  • Getting industry or practice groups on desired "short lists" for outside legal work.
  • Process and project management upgrades for the most cost and time intensive business development functions and tasks, including mapping.
  • Creating, managing, and helping implement business, client development and "sales" plans, programs and projects including tracking and reporting for individual lawyers, client teams, practice, or industry groups.
  • Creating, facilitating, managing, and implementing internal BD/sales pipelines, challenges, games, and contests.
  • Train, guide, coach, and support "sales" initiatives for firm members; create live, internal BD training and coaching programs, which can be posted on the firm's intranet; and create "sales" tool kits.
  • Conducting business development and strategic planning-related financial analyses, including creating AFA options, menus, etc.
  • Other "sales", business and/or client development projects as desired


We serve as a director or manager for the firm or select groups - either on a contract or temporary basis and provide firm, practice, industry, and client team or individual business development/sales support to ensure BD plans are implemented. Responsibilities, tasks, and deliverables can include:

  • Attend internal meetings, take notes, and provide input and suggestions, track, report and work with others to get business development support requests in process and completed.
  • Create and/or help implement all business, client development and sales action items.
  • Gather and analyze client and market information, including analyzing all gathered research and providing summarized briefings and opportunity coaching as desired.
  • Identify new business opportunities, including creating lists, vetting targets and performing analyses; draft suggested next steps and track and follow up on progress.
  • Seminar, event, webinar, CLE and presentation identification, creation, drafting, topic packaging, implementation and on-site attendance as desired.
  • Draft/help draft thought leadership, alerts, social media information and content marketing and coordinate with internal staff to ensure effective distribution.
  • Assist practice/industry groups with "getting on the short list" for select prospects (who have been precleared of conflicts).
  • Support and help draft and implement proposals, pitches and "beauty contests," provide coaching and conduct related follow-up and tracking.
  • Collaborate with time and billing or financial reporting staff to create viable options regarding alternative fee arrangements and provide coaching to achieve them.
  • Create, direct and produce custom videos and training modules for marketing/BD purposes and for a firm's website or intranet.
  • Follow up and follow through on all work, including tracking and maintaining budgets.
  • Other business and client development and sales support projects and tasks as desired.

BD Workforce Policies and Procedures

Confidentiality - All employees of BD Workforce abide by our company's strict confidentiality terms and also agree to our client firms' additional confidentiality terms.

Data Security - To maintain a tight security environment when working with or for a firm, we either obtain a firm's secure laptop and use provided log-in credentials, or we work on our own secure laptops, using only a verifiably secure connection or remote log-in service. On company or client laptops, we do not connect to unsecured wireless networks, and we use only encrypted email.

Flat/Fixed Fee - Once a list of projects or scope of services is defined, all work provided by BD Workforce is done on a flat/fixed fee that is often payable monthly and that usually includes all out-of-pocket expenses, including travel costs.

For more information or to discuss how our services can help you achieve your goals, contact Julie Savarino, Attorney and Managing Director, Business Development Inc. at +1 734 668 7008 or To meet Julie Savarino by video, please click here.