Strategic Planning Services

We are hired by firms, practice and industry groups to design, lead, facilitate, complete, and educate firm members and staff on an effective strategic planning process, resulting in a realistic plan focused on attaining optimal productivity. Unlike the creation of a lengthy, "point-in-time" Strategic Plan that is forgotten about or cast aside within six to eighteen months, our process embeds key actions to implement successful strategic initiatives. We also help implement select aspects of the plan. Our strategic planning services consist of:

  • Defining measurable near- and long-term objectives of the planning process
  • Identifying key hurdles, obstacles and cultural barriers
  • Creating a relatively simple, usable, measurable and trackable plan format
  • Objectively measuring and assessing key internal metrics, including profitability, practice group operation and leadership, and internal support
  • Objectively measuring and assessing key external metrics, including current market position, demand, and the client's current and ideal or desired perspective
  • Making sure the final Strategic Plan is pragmatic, actionable and tied to a realistic review and accountability process that dovetails into the firm's existing culture and administration
  • Embedded six - to twelve-month "check ins" for the first three years
  • Assisting in implementing strategic initiatives and projects, on an outsourced, project or retainer basis.