Top of Mind© Services

Many professionals have sincere intentions to regularly conduct business and client development efforts, but matters, cases and/or billable time demands often get in the way. Our top-of-mind services are designed to help you keep business and client development in the front of your mind, so that you continually make consistent efforts over time - which yields the best results.

1. E-MAIL Motivational/Reminders (sent Quarterly)

Each calendar quarter, we write an informative e-mail designed to provide each recipient with specific, practical and useful tips and techniques regarding effective business or client development. These e-mails serve to remind recipients; provide immediately useful ideas/approaches and keep their efforts consistent over time. $899 annual fee.

2. Personalized TELEPHONE Contacts

Contacts are made either weekly, monthly or quarterly depending upon your preference. Professional time for this service is billed in 15 minute increments.

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