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The most comprehensive set of client and business development materials available!

Need to develop new business, but short on time?

Buy the Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and/or Templates, Forms & Drafts now! The vast majority of written communications, memos, proposals, follow-up messages and steps needed to develop new clients have already been created and done many times over! Why re-invent the wheel? The Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and Templates, Forms & Drafts are a compilation of hundreds of lawyers and law firms communications with clients (with all confidential information redacted) assembled over 20 years. Use them to streamline your efforts and get new business in the door faster, more effectively and efficiently!

This unprecedented set of materials has been complied over twenty years and was created from hands-on experience working with hundreds of law and other professional service firms, thousands of lawyers, and participation in hundreds of selling and new business pitch situations.

For Lawyers and/or In-House Marketing/Business/Client Development Professionals:

  • On a tight budget?
  • Want to improve the ROI from your marketing/business development investments and time?
  • Interested in building, reviewing and/or upgrading your existing business development program(s), system(s), approach, processes, formats and/or routines?
  • Spending too much time re-inventing the wheel for every opportunity, meeting and/or pitch?

If you answered 'yes' to two or more of the questions above, consider purchasing the "Rainmaker Best Practices Tool Kit©," an unparalleled set of business development materials combined by Julie Savarino of Business Development Inc. There is no other tool kit like this available in the marketplace.

The Rainmaker Best Practices Tool Kit© consists of hundreds of drafts, checklists, forms, templates and other information used to generate millions of dollars in new business in real life. To view a sample checklist contained in the Rainmaker Best Practices Tool Kit©, please click here. This tool kit was compiled using more than 20 years of actual business development techniques, and contains non-attributed proposal responses, letters, forms, ideas, techniques, steps, and other documents, communications and information covering a wide range of commonly used marketing and sales tools. Purchase any one of the tools listed below for $599.00 USD. Get a savings of over 10% by purchasing three or more. Get a savings of over 20% by purchasing the entire set for $6,200.00 USD. Available tools include:

  1. Selling Legal Services a.k.a. Client Development/Sales - Best Practices Checklists & Templates©
  2. Best Money-Making Ideas, Goals & Objectives for Individual Lawyers - Best Practices Checklist©
  3. Winning RFPs-Pitches-Proposals-Tender Processes - Best Practices Checklists & Templates©
  4. Client Teams - Best Practices Checklist & Templates©
  5. Client Service & Satisfaction Surveys - Best Practices Checklists & Templates©
  6. Seminars - Best Practices Checklist©
  7. Target/Niche Marketing - Best Practices Checklist©
  8. Newsletters & Alerts - Best Practices Checklist©
  9. Referrals & Referral Systems - Best Practices Checklists & Templates©
  10. Training, Coaching & Professional Development Programs - Best Practices Checklist©
  11. Community & Pro Bono Involvement - Best Practices Checklist©
  12. Personal Marketing/Business Development Plans - Best Practice Checklists & Templates©
  13. Coaching Lawyers to Be Better Rainmakers - Best Practices Checklist©

"I found these 'best practices' checklists and templates particularly helpful. They are a valuable resource to any marketing professional or practicing attorney interested in improving the quality and effectiveness of their marketing efforts."

Clara Boza
Former Chief Marketing Officer
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP, Washington D.C.

To make a purchase, please email your request to Julie@BusDevInc.com and we will send you an invoice. If you pay using a credit or debit card you will receive your purchase within 48 business hours. Each set and item described above are available for purchase for one-person use only.

If you would like to purchase any of these materials for more than a one-person use (such as for a firm, office, a group or team, training purposes, to post on an intranet or other duplication), please contact: Julie Savarino, telephone (734) 668-7008, e-mail Julie@BusDevInc.com.