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Need to develop new business, but short on time?

Buy the Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and/or Templates, Forms & Drafts now! The vast majority of written communications, memos, proposals, follow-up messages and steps needed to develop new clients have already been created and done many times over! Why re-invent the wheel? The Rainmaker Best Practices' Checklists and Templates, Forms & Drafts are a compilation of hundreds of lawyers and law firms communications with clients (with all confidential information redacted) assembled over 20 years. Use them to streamline your efforts and get new business in the door faster, more effectively and efficiently!

This unprecedented set of materials has been complied over twenty years and was created from hands-on experience working with hundreds of law and other professional service firms, thousands of lawyers and participation in hundreds of selling and new business pitch situations.

Whether you are a practicing lawyer, accountant, consultant, in-house marketing staff member, managing partner, firm administrator or another practicing professional, these documents will help you establish, build, benchmark, update, refine, increase results from and/or perfect all aspects of your business development program. Please click here for complimentary checklists, forms and templates.

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Even one or two ideas, more or different than you had before, can make a big difference in results!

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Investment Per Individual Use

Contains a complete compilation of all seven sets listed below over 250 resources.
2. INDIVIDUAL SETS by TOPIC $999.00 each

Checklist for Successful Business Development - for individual practitioners:
Contains over 70 practical tips, tools and techniques to build an effective personal business development program and/or improve your efforts.

Client Development-Sales-Selling-Business Development:
Contains over 50 drafts, checklists, templates, samples and forms covering the entire spectrum of sales situations.

Client Service
Contains over 30 checklists, templates and forms to maintain, enhance and develop client relationships through effective service.

Client Teams and Key Clients:
Contains 40 pages of charts, forms, templates and checklists to set up, manage and enhance client teams and service to key clients.

Marketing and Business Development Departments & Staff:
Contains dozens of department surveys, reviews, assessments that can be used to take your firm's department and staff performance to the next level.

Contains 15 forms, templates and checklists for individual business development and marketing planning.

Proposals-Pitch Letters-RFPs-Beauty Contests-Tendering: Contains over 30 pages of checklists drafts, templates, samples and examples from soup-to-nuts on winning new business using proposals.

Contains dozens of drafts, forms, templates and checklists to build, manage and develop referral sources and systems.

Each set and item above are available for purchase from this website for one-person use only. If you would like to purchase any of these materials for more than a one-person use such as for a firm, office, a group or team, training purposes, to post on an intranet or other duplication, please contact: Julie Savarino, telephone (734) 668-7008, e-mail Julie@BusDevInc.com

To schedule a time for professional review, analysis, suggestions, guidance, coaching and/or assistance regarding any of the above, please contact Julie Savarino, master trainer, coach and professional business developer.

Complimentary Checklists, Forms and Templates

Listed alphabetically by Topic below are a selection of complimentary checklists, forms & templates.

Continuing Education (CLE, CE, CPE, CTFA, etc.)

Uniform Certificate of Attendance
ABA Mandatory CLE Requirements
Ethics Checklist
ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

Associate Training and Development

Sample Curriculum 1
Sample Curriculum 2

Client Teams, Industry and/or Practice Groups

Group/Team Purpose
Group/Team Effectiveness
Group/Team Evaluation
Leader - Questions to Reflect Upon
Practice Group Sponsorship Form

Marketing and Business Development -


Sample Organizational Structure
Roles and Responsibilities


Approval Checklist
Approval Form

Measuring Success and Return on Investment

Measuring/Assessing Marketing Results


Self Evaluation and Goal Setting
Business Development and Marketing Plan - Template
Contribution Queries


Checklist of Measures Impacting