Rainmaking Express Videos

The Rainmaking Express is a series of high-quality, on-demand, 10 to 20 minute videos created and presented by master law firm business development strategist, trainer and client development coach Julie Savarino who compiled 30 years of best practices and proven techniques into these videos.

If you are a lawyer who is short on time and resources and interested in perfecting your new business development/rainmaking techniques and skills or are a law firm marketer, these videos are for you! Whether you are relatively new at rainmaking or already a master rainmaker, these videos provide a myriad of best practices and proven new business development tips and techniques. To see what attendees say about the quality and utility of Julie Savarino's programs, visit this link.

How to Make Business & Client Development a Habit©

How to Get the Best Results from Business Development Meetings©

How to Deliver a Highly Rated Speech/Presentation©

Making the Most of Your Attendance at a Conference or Seminar©

How to Deliver Great Webinar Presentations©

How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Account to Develop Business - Part I

Each Rainmaking Express video can be viewed by a single lawyer or an assembled group of lawyers from one firm. Several firms offer these videos and our Rainmaker Webinars On Demand as a weekly or monthly series and add preparatory and follow-up steps unique to their firm in order to ensure use and ROI. Other firms retain Julie Savarino to assist participating lawyers with their follow-up, which is tailored for each firm.

The fee for each Rainmaking Express video(s) rental of a "one location, one firm, one office, one view" use* is $99.00 USD for a 24-hour period from time of purchase. If you would like to view the video again after 24 hours or would like multi-office view fees, please contact Julie Savarino.

* RAINMAKING EXPRESS™ VIDEO RENTAL - TERMS OF USE GOVERNING THE CONTENT OF EACH RAINMAKING EXPRESS™ VIDEO, POWERPOINT SLIDES AND ALL RELATED MATERIALS - By paying to rent this/these video(s), you agree to abide by the "one time view - one location, one firm, one office" use terms of purchase which are defined as follows: one time view - one location, one firm, one office rental includes one single person, a small group or an unlimited number of participants all of whom are employed in the same firm, in one office of that same firm, in one listening room viewing the video one time only. If you would like multi-view, multi-office or multi-practice group rental fees, please contact Julie Savarino. Under these "one time view - one location, one firm, one office" rental terms, it is also unlawful to record, forward, copy, record, tape, re-broadcast, re-use or further distribute the video access link(s), password(s), video itself and/or video content, screen shots and/or presentation slides to anyone who has not paid the rental fees. It is also unlawful to re-use the video content in any manner in the future without paying first and without prior written permission from the copyright/trademark owner.