Services of Business Development Inc.

What We Do

At Business Development Inc. we help lawyers and other professional service providers develop measureable new business by working closely with each client in a consultative, tailored partnership.

By using this approach, we work hard to gain an understanding of each client's specific needs, situation, and objectives. Each service we provide is carefully customized to work for a particular firm, practice or industry group or lawyer. Our highest value services include:

Who We Serve

At Business Development Inc. we serve law, accounting and management consulting firms - working with either the firm as a whole and/or an office, practice group, industry group, client/prospect team and/or individual lawyers of the firm. We also work with marketing/client service/business development staff such as CMOs, CBDOs, professional development and/or recruitment/lateral development staff to assist in improving effectiveness - What Clients Say About Us.

How We Work

At Business Development Inc. we work in a variety of ways to meet each client's needs and schedule. We skillfully tailor, design, implement, follow-up and report results based on:

  • A one-time program or project commissioned in-house
  • A periodic or multi-phased project and/or program over a set period of time such as annually/quarterly/monthly
  • As needed on an hourly basis
  • A license for in-house use of Business Development Inc.'s proprietary training materials
  • Participation in one of our public training programs (approximately two offered annually)
  • A combination of the above (depending upon the firm and situation)

Our Approach and What Makes Us Different/Better

At Business Development Inc. we are known for our experienced, credible, professional and customized approach. We strive to provide our clients with tailored, consultative service and guidance - designed to be as helpful, useful and valuable as is possible. Importantly, we are committed to a laser-like focus on what really works to develop business. Many of our programs and services come with a built-in method to track return on investment. Many also come with a complete satisfaction or 100% money-back guarantee.

How We Measure Results

Over twenty years, our programs and efforts have consistently helped generate millions of dollars in new business for our various clients. See What Clients Say About Us. We also improve results from the use of valuable time, effort and dollars invested. In addition, our programs dramatically improve the rate at which relationships are converted into actual business. Click here to review how we measure results on a number of levels.